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Registry Washer is a tool designed to detect and repair registry errors
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Registry Washer is a tool designed to scan the Windows registry in order to detect and remove problems and errors that can compromise the stability and performance of your PC.
The application's interface is clean and organized in tabs, letting you navigate through all the options quickly. With a single click, it can perform a deep scan to detect errors, invalid or obsolete entries, broken keys, etc., giving you the possibility of excluding certain files, folders, and registry paths from the analysis, and selecting the type of files that you want to remove. To prevent undesired results, the application automatically creates a registry backup and system restore point so you can revert the operation in case you run into a problem.

Besides all the features mentioned, Registry Washer contains other tools like the registry locator to find particular entries in the registry and the registry monitor, which detects in real time changes that applications make to the registry. Other tools integrating the pack are a startup manager, BHO manager, and a program uninstaller. The options to create logs for every scan and enable system notifications are also available.

In short, Registry Washer offers a simple way to repair the registry, detecting and removing errors that affect its integrity. Its biggest advantage is its ease to use, what makes it accessible to users of all expertise levels. The fact that it backs up the registry and creates restore points guarantees a certain level of safety for your system. The program is free to try, does not contain ads or registration screens, and can be evaluated during 15 days.

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  • Easy to use
  • Automatic registry backup and system restore point
  • Numerous useful tools
  • Scheduler to set hourly/daily/monthly scans
  • Does not contain ads or registration notices


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